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29 Apr 2021 -
  April 29th Patch Notes...


April 29th Patch Notes II:                                                                    




Aleta Grav now works on all houses, all doors reset.

u Added descriptions to Outfit Scrolls.

u Fountain Package Item fixed.

u Elite Haste lowered.

u Furniture can now be destroyed inside PZ via weapon.

u Fixed Banshee Quest bugs.

u Invisibility Debug fixed.

u Client Debug desyncing character with monster on same tile fixed.

u Fixed two Rent System bugs.

u Furniture/Items are now breakable by weapons inside protection zone. Without protection zones furniture/items are not breakable by weapons.

u Activated new raids. Tier 2 and Tier 3.

u Changed Small Stones to recycle back into one's hand. This will be how they function until we implement "a hardened stone". Reasoning for this as well as a hardened stone is to allow all 4 vocations to comfortably train in their downtime; our players after all are not kids anymore. No sense in having to touch stones every 4 minutes if other vocations do not have to.

u Hellgate Mwall fixed.

u Amazon Camp Bug fixed.

u Lessened mana for conjure bolt from 70 to 60.

u Also 5 days of Premium Account were added to all accounts as compensation for the crashes. These crashes do not in anyway affect character progress. They only cause the map-floor to be reset meaning people's loot bags are lost.

u Using Sudden Death Rune requires Premium Account.

u Creating Sudden Death Rune requires Premium Account.

u Using Energy Wave requires Premium Account.

u Server-save now only occurs every 2 hour instead of 30 minutes

u Arrows now cost 2 Gold from NPCs

u Bolts now cost 3 Gold from NPCs

u Rules on Unfair Play Advantage have been updated. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. These rules have been instituted after much thought on what fair play truly means for a long term healthy game experience for all players. As we always say Dura intends to be a real game for 10 years, after much thought we think these new rules support that vision going forward. They cover such topics as Account Selling/Buying, Gold Selling/Buying, and Account Sharing.

29 Apr 2021 -
April 29th Patch Notes I:...

April 29th Patch Notes I:                                                                                                                                            


u Knights have been patched today, the formula has been revised resulting in greater defense while lesser offense for the vocation.

u Paladins have been patched today, the formula has been revised resulting in more dynamic accuracy and damage based on distance from target.

u Added 'Slain of the Realm' in towns. This will give real time tracking of Slain Monsters for the realm at large when it is needed.

u Behemoth quota for Monsters of Brawn reduced from 2,000 to 1,750.

u Global reward for all citizens upon success of Monsters of Brawn raised from 5% loot buff to 10% loot buff for all monsters, including raids, from Tuesday the 4th Server Save to Tuesday the 11th Server Save to all Durans.

u Tier 4, Tier 3, and Tier 2 raids activated.
u Behemoth has received a loot buff.
u Giant Spider has received a loot buff.
u Dragon has received a loot buff.
u Orc Warlord has received a loot buff.
u Lich has received a loot buff.
u Vampire has received a loot buff.
u Orc Shamans summon snakes less.
u Deer, Sheep, and Rabbits no longer cause PZ.


u Break Chance for QUEST items has been raised substantially.

u Three Days of Premium Account has been given to all users due to the crash suffered by the Server on April 20th.


u Tier 4 and 3 Raids activated. Be on your guard.

u Uniform Spawn Rate. During all 24 hours of server cycle the rate of spawn will be the same.

u PvP Blessings Implemented. If one dies in PvE they will lose only PvE blessings. If one dies in PvP they will lose only PvP blessings. This means there is a total of 10 blessings. They are all acquirable from the normal 5 blessing NPCs. PvE blessings prices remain as they are now. PvP blessing prices are about half the price of PvE blessings. A PvE death means the last hit is by a monster. A PvP death means the last hit is by a player. To buy a PvP blessing from an NPC say "war blessing-keyword". To buy a PvE blessing say "blessing-keyword" This measure is part of the calm to the storm; after reflection we think this is best and the most fair for good gameplay, the original blessing system on Dura was designed more with PvE in mind, not PvP.

Note: If you already have blessings they are PvE blessings.

Note: It is impossible to lose both PvE and PvP blessings in the same death.

u Realm's Aid has been increased substantially. The impetus for this is as an effective anti-cheating counter measure. It will give honest players more gold to deal with those who cheat.
u New Raids, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 activated. Be on your guard.


u Experienced received by killing an Outlaw is dropped from 25% of the total experience to 0%.
u Hunters distance away from target has been decreased.
8 Mar 2021 -
March 8th Patch Notes...

March 8th Patch Notes II:                                                                                                                                 


New Raids activated. They are in slightly vulnerable areas. Please pay attention to the Raid Messages as to where they are and what to expect.

-Added New System: Makes Raid Monsters not lureable past a certain point; the monster will return to its original location. This is designed so high level players cannot for example cannot lure giant spiders from -6 up to -1 or surface. Or lure Heroes which spawn in POH all the way to Ab'dendriel (yes, there is a way)

-New High Level Raids -- Tier 3 are being added, as well as Tier 2.

-Changed Banshee monsters. More huntable.

-Fixed PvP field damage to have greater damage in PvP and therefore more use. There was a bug previously.

-New elements (things) are added to the map.

-Crossbows and Bows are now One-Handed and use ammunition from hands and ammunition slot. You cannot wear a shield or other weapon if you are wearing a Bow or Crossbow.

-Fixed Rooking System, triggering whenever you hit level 5 in main you will be sent to Rook as a level 1 and no vocation.

-There was a small bug with PvP field damage after we patched it, it should work now.


-Fixed logging bug outside of Banshee Quest.

-Only remove soulbound from runes on death with less than 10x charges. To prevent abuse.

-Added a 5 minute idle warning as well as a 1 minute warning.

-Fixed items bug when moving an item to a minimized equip-window if no space left.

-Getting rooked will also now also clears depot and spells

-Changed Giant Spider Kazordoon Mine Raid

-Buffed Elder Beholder Loot

-Buffed Elder Beholder Helmet

-Changed Dragon Loot

8 Mar 2021 -
March 8th Patch Notes...

March 8th Patch Notes I:                           

New Dura Coins Scroll added to Webshop.

-Portal at Hellgate Exit removed. The other two exit points for players themselves or their items are now working.

-Changed multiple Raids

-Changed multiple Ambushes

-Soulbound Runes acquirable from a player corpse lowered from 100 to 40 to prevent abuse. We will possibly revisit this at some point.

-Changed Yelling range from 15~ to 30 (Both Players and Monsters).

-Great Energy Beam mana cost lowered.

-Energy Beam mana cost lowered.

-Giant Spider Changed. Poison Missile Lowered.

-Hero Changed. Ranged Damage Lowered.

-Black Knight Changed. Mechanics altered.

-Dragon Lord Changed. Removed Ranged DL and created new form.

-There were various keys around the map, which were daily spawns, that were being Power Abused. Instantly upon Server Save someone who already had the key would get the other making it impossible to gain access to the given area except by those who already possessed them; and the result is you are invincible without fear. This has been changed so the accessibility is now public until a solution is created to account for this form of abuse. I stress that there were many people doing this at many different locations; it was not an isolated incident.

18 Jan 2021 -
January 18th Patch Notes...

January 18th Patch Notes I:                                                                                                                                            


Blessings should be the correct prices and work appropriately.
-Burst Arrows have been recustomized. They should now provide utility in Dura, and yet still do not recover their Overpowered Ability in the original 7.4.
-Fixed Field Spells on Level Doors
-Reordered the Sequence at which Damage Output and Damage Reduction in PvP stacks altering PvP damage.
-Modified Various Spawns within Game
-Monster's retargeting frequency has been lowered.
-Spears accuracy will now be affected by Skills up to Distance 20. At Distance 20 you will have the full normal accuracy.
-Change Name is now possible as an automatic function, purchaseable for 40 Dura Coins. This can be done on your Account Page where you create your character.
-Two to Three Raids that were working improperly have been fixed.
-Plains of Havoc Giant Spiders have had Ambushes changed and added.
-Balanced Edron Heroes due to a lack of it being hunted.
-Balanced Edron Fire Elemental Demon.
-Text Colors for Staff has been further corrected, more improvements to come. Trade should from now on only have Yellow Text for all.

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13.10.2021 -
Revision of Outlaw System


Based on feedback and observation the following has taken place regarding the Outlaw System:

u Extra loss penalty that is added to character when becoming an Outlaw reduced from 10% total experience and skills to 4% total experience and skills.
u Outlaw protection added to the game. At the moment one becomes an outlaw a three hour timer begins. In that three hour time-period if one dies the Outlaw penalty will not be applied, instead you will die with no extra penalty however you will spawn in Outlaw Camp still. After those three hours have expired the Outlaw protection dissipates and if one were to die at any point the full penalty is applied.
u Unjustified Kills for banishment has been reduced from 15 to 12.


Dura Staff

8.10.2021 -


The seasons have changed, dead leaves will soon drape the forests and a brittle chill sets in to the towns of Dura. Man and creature alike prepare for the onset of winter, as customary fall setting the preparations for the cold season. All manner of creatures, especially those most busy, will take great stride to fatten themselves up becoming burly and besotten with nut, grass, and any meat they can get their paws on. Such girth will be necessary as winter approaches.

From Friday, the 8th of October, Server Save 11:00EST to Thursday, the 14th of October, Server Save 11:00EST all Raid and Ambush creatures and monsters will have:

u Double Health Pool
u Double Experience
u Double Loot (Including Gold)

Pleasant Autumn,
Dura Staff

16.9.2021 -
New Cosmeitcs in Dura's Webshop


Drinks all around!

Dwarves know how to have a good time like no other.


Today we are adding a few new items to our non-pay-to-win webshop that are in season.



Enjoy the beer!
Dura Staff

15.9.2021 -
The Dwarven Ale!

CHEEERS, DURA! I greet ye <hicks> the drunkard fellows of Dura! We have tremendous news for ye! Gather round the fire lit taverns with mug and gullet. The time <hicks> has come. It's time for "THE DWARVEN ALE". All of the beer <hicks> on these lands will be brewed <hicks> extra rich by us <hicks> Dwarves! As long as ye stay drunk, Dwarven Ale will give ye strength and <hicks> toughness only Dwarven Ale can! Grab yer beer, grab yer axe, Fight yerr enemy as only a dwarf can, Drunk! <BURRRP>

- Knothgarr the Dwarf


From September 17th Friday Server Save, 11:00 EST, to Sept 21st Tuesday Server Save, 11:00 EST Dura will have the following effects for he/she who is drunk:

u 3x Health Regeneration
u 10% Health Pool Increase
u 1.1x Damage Increase FOR PVE only, all attacks, spells, and runes affected
u 1.15x Healing Increase for both spells and runes

Dura Staff

31.8.2021 -
Monsters of Flame Concluded

Scribe's Writing:

Mark it now. That in the month of Late Summer a few heroes faced with an impending world of charred forests and cities acinder took it upon themselves to forestall the blaze. In so doing they kept these creatures of fire at bay and like a stoker stirred the dim flames in the hearts of many another who had surrendered them as dying flickers in hopelessness and fear.
Armed with belief more joined and then more where before long these elements and rogues of flame cowered back into their heated lairs beating quick retreat leaving many a treasure behind.

Congratulations Dura! The Realm has withstood the Monsters of Flame on the part of many and succeeded admirably.

This is what is to follow: Instead of starting the week long reward on September 1st Server Save, Wednesday, we are going to have it start on September 2nd Server Save, Thursday. It will then last to September 9th Server Save, Thursday. We are delaying the start an extra day as we feel this will give a proper amount of rest for the people who gave many an extra hour to the success of the event and need a heroes break.

Also because of a technical difficulty, though we will be able to do it in the future another time, we are not able to offer 5% Natural Fire Protection as it would cause a bug at the moment. To account for this instead of a 10% loot buff there will be a 12.5% loot buff for the seven day long reward. While not quite as poetic and fitting we are confident this is a better and more valuable reward by the numbers than if there were 5% Natural Fire Protection.

Dura Staff