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Boards >> News >> Downtime due to Global Datacenter crash via European Fire

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Downtime due to Global Datacenter crash via European Fire
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 42

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Downtime due to Global Datacenter crash via European Fire

Greetings Everyone,

There was a fire in OVH's European datacenter.

Because of this there was a cascading effect through all OVH data-centers world-wide. Dura's Host, which is located in the US, also was affected by this. Steps have been taken to repair the global network by OVH and the Dura gameserver has now been restored by us as well.

This caused downtime for Dura of approximately 6 hours between 3:00 EST and 9:00 EST. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please understand that although it was out of our hands entirely we still are sympathetic for the frustrations our players experienced.

Dura Staff

10.03.21 09:10:37
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on 10.03.21 09:11:44
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Lost pretty much everything
That's very sad news to wake up to. Unfortunately, to me, it is way more discouraging that my only RL on Dura won't play again because we basically lost everything due to this unfortunate event.

We went to hunt from lvl 18 to 20 at Elvenbane where we gathered a lootbag weighing around 7k, after we got out of that respawn went directly to Ashari's weapon & armor shop in Ab'dendriel to cashout our loot, before starting selling we deposited our sets in the corner barrels to free some cap. We were just about to sell when all of the sudden BOOM. Server goes off.

Now, this is not a cry-baby post, as a matter of fact I couldn't care less about my set (aside from my knight axe) but my friend Emzo constantly invested on equipment and he lost his Dragon Shield, Noble Armor, Crown Helmet, Plate Legs and Knight Axe too, so if you could make up to him (and my knight axe) we would greatly appreciate it GOD Aris, or anyone willing to help.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience at OVH's European datacenter.

10.03.21 12:04:01

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