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Blood in the Fist
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 42

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Blood in the Fist



It's summer and all through the land of Dura runs a sweltering heat. The forests and plains are languid and still, the mountains of the north are shy of snow and the desert seems uncrossable without the safest of provisions. The blood sticks thick in the fist of man and limb of beast, both pant under the sun causing them to swing and thrash wildly with weight. Dura is extra violent in this heated world...


The following effects are to take place in Dura:

u Regeneration for all vocations, of health and mana, is to be increased substantially for six days.

u Party Monsters and Legendary Monsters will appear at a much greater rate for six days.

u All players (and their summons) will do slightly more damage to monsters, not players, for three days.

u All monsters will do minutely more damage for three days. Keep in mind this will greatly raise their deadliness. 

u Healing will remain normal, no increase or decrease.



The event, Blood in the Fist will begin Saturday 11:00 EST Server Save.

Dura Staff


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