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Monsters of Flame!
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 43

Posts: 84
Monsters of Flame!

It is the late in summer.

The land is shrouded in heat, drying the fields, burnishing the seas. It creeps down and hangs thick in the dungeons of the world, the air there heavy and close. All are affected, sleep stifled and labor panting for we humans, but it is more than just us. This terrible heat gives the monsters who use and command it unspeakable power and brazenness. They grow too arrogant coming out from their caverns. Heroes are needed. If enough are slain they will cower and retreat back into their holes and surely leave treasure behind.

Fortune be your friend Durans, the world is in flame.

From Friday the 27th Server Save to Tuesday the 31st Server Save it is upon all the citizens of the Realm to slay:

u 550 Demons
u 1,100 Dragon Lords
u 6,000 Dragons
u 225 Fire Elementals
u 500 Fire Devils
u 3,000 Trolls (only normal Trolls)

For this, if completed, a 10% Loot Buff for all monsters, including raids, from Wednesday the 1st Server Save to Wednesday the 8th Server Save to all Durans.
Also, if completed, all Durans will have a natural 5% Fire Protection from Wednesday the 1st Server Save to Wednesday the 8th Server Save.

Good Luck,
Dura Staff

26.08.21 19:51:00
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on 26.08.21 19:51:24
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27.08.21 17:49:39

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