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Monsters of Flame Concluded
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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Monsters of Flame Concluded

Scribe's Writing:

Mark it now. That in the month of Late Summer a few heroes faced with an impending world of charred forests and cities acinder took it upon themselves to forestall the blaze. In so doing they kept these creatures of fire at bay and like a stoker stirred the dim flames in the hearts of many another who had surrendered them as dying flickers in hopelessness and fear.
Armed with belief more joined and then more where before long these elements and rogues of flame cowered back into their heated lairs beating quick retreat leaving many a treasure behind.

Congratulations Dura! The Realm has withstood the Monsters of Flame on the part of many and succeeded admirably.

This is what is to follow: Instead of starting the week long reward on September 1st Server Save, Wednesday, we are going to have it start on September 2nd Server Save, Thursday. It will then last to September 9th Server Save, Thursday. We are delaying the start an extra day as we feel this will give a proper amount of rest for the people who gave many an extra hour to the success of the event and need a heroes break.

Also because of a technical difficulty, though we will be able to do it in the future another time, we are not able to offer 5% Natural Fire Protection as it would cause a bug at the moment. To account for this instead of a 10% loot buff there will be a 12.5% loot buff for the seven day long reward. While not quite as poetic and fitting we are confident this is a better and more valuable reward by the numbers than if there were 5% Natural Fire Protection.

Dura Staff

31.08.21 15:56:57
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on 31.08.21 16:13:06

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