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The Dwarven Ale!
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 43

Posts: 84
The Dwarven Ale!

CHEEERS, DURA! I greet ye <hicks> the drunkard fellows of Dura! We have tremendous news for ye! Gather round the fire lit taverns with mug and gullet. The time <hicks> has come. It's time for "THE DWARVEN ALE". All of the beer <hicks> on these lands will be brewed <hicks> extra rich by us <hicks> Dwarves! As long as ye stay drunk, Dwarven Ale will give ye strength and <hicks> toughness only Dwarven Ale can! Grab yer beer, grab yer axe, Fight yerr enemy as only a dwarf can, Drunk! <BURRRP>

- Knothgarr the Dwarf


From September 17th Friday Server Save, 11:00 EST, to Sept 21st Tuesday Server Save, 11:00 EST Dura will have the following effects for he/she who is drunk:

u 3x Health Regeneration
u 10% Health Pool Increase
u 1.1x Damage Increase FOR PVE only, all attacks, spells, and runes affected
u 1.15x Healing Increase for both spells and runes

Dura Staff

15.09.21 16:06:39
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