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Dura's 1st Year Anniversary!
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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Dura's 1st Year Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary everyone, we made it. One year. Drinks, hugs, and cheers all around.

To a bright future filled with adventures, laughs, and many deaths!!!!

For Dura's first anniversary we will be having each day a small area in 1-2 towns that will replenish your health and mana the more you celebrate! This area will be a Non-PvP zone where you cannot die to players but you can die to monsters. It is not a protection zone. You will have to find the area on your own but it will usually be a tavern or a local hangout in the given town.

So to many hours of merrymaking and revelry, training and rune-making, story-telling, the refilling of drinks, the passage of the past and the glowing stare into the future.


Time of Event: Saturday Server Save, November 6th 11:00EST, to Monday Server Save, November 15th 10:00EST.

Fair warning that concerning the event area(s) of each day griefing will not be tolerated. There is no counter-play to griefing since it is a non-pvp zone -- therefore a 7 day ban will be given out to those who grief the event.

Grateful Regards,
Dura Staff

05.11.21 16:00:44
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