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Halloween Picture Contest Results
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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Halloween Picture Contest Results

Greetings everyone,

All the entries for Dura's Halloween Picture Contest have been considered and here are the placings:

1st Place: "The Night Dura Kills" story and poem by Axis.

It was the night before Halloween and all through the land,
Dura was steering monsters with heads in hand.
I collected my supplies and went with a rush,
The loot was waiting and profit a must.
I traversed very far cause the boats were pricey,
Then I ran into mobs, and it got kind of dicey.
I shot bolt after bolt with no end in sight,
Luckily, I got my dailies for the night.
I finished them off one by one,
Only to continue my journey in light other than the sun.
I went vast and deep in search of the treasure,
But every eventual mob seemed harder in measure.
I finally arrived in a cave full of death,
My first instinct was holding my breath.
I shot a hmm here and a hmm there,
All in the while my supplies started to disappear.
Ghouls and Demon Skeletons were no match for my skills,
The deeper I went the arising of thrill,
But death upon death the loot would not spill.
I mustered my strength to go further and further,
All the while I sensed a deep murmur.
I finally reached my place of destination,
But what I saw was no explanation.
In a hut far in the Plains of Havoc,
Stood an unknown teleport, but I was a maverick.
These visions of Jack-O-Lanterns filled my head,
But I was going in alive or dead.
I mustered my courage and in I dashed,
I entered this teleport with an utani hur flash.
The place was mystical after the mobs I have faced,
The room before had ghouls dead all over the place.
It was like I went to a place frozen in time,
Could this really be happening at this present time?
Then out of nowhere I heard in the back of my head,
Who dares enters the sanctum of Halloween where blood must be shed.
Boom, bam, bang I fought with a must,
Ever on going the fighting seemed just.
My head filled with nightmares after every injury in tow,
With this darkness of a creature I went blow for blow.
The treasure yes, the treasure I must,
Bolt after bolt thrust after thrust.
Supplies on empty and the battle ensuing,
I was over ran with the most ghouly feeling.
It was time for an escape or atleast for a plan,
Then the caption read you died by the DURA Boogeyman.  

2nd Place: "Fear Tonight!" picture by Plot Armor

3rd Place: "Fire and Corpses" picture by Mehanix Pain

4th Place: "Elixir of Life" picture by Cerberos

5th Place: "Trick or Treat" picture by Horla Mac

6th Place: "Happy Halloween in Dura Online" video by Oniichan

Halloween Party!

7th Place: "Blood!" picture by The Vampire


Honorable Mention: Demecius for his "Welcome the Death!" picture!


1st Place: "Scythe of Death awarded to Axis for the 2021 Halloween Picture Contest".
2-4th Place: 60 Days of Premium and 75 Dura Coins, as well as 7 day Zombie Wizard Outfit.
5-7th Place: 30 Days of Premium and 50 Dura Coins, as well as 2 day Zombie Wizard Outfit.

Thanks you to everyone who participated, see you next Halloween!
Dura Staff

16.11.21 23:35:49
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