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World Preservation
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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World Preservation


We cannot think of a better way to welcome the New Year! then with the new system we today introduce to Dura: World Preservation. Going forward Dura's World will not reset or clean itself upon Server Save (including crashes); every piece of history and interaction that takes place in the lands of Dura will remain in the lands of Dura. This has long been a personal dream of mine (Aris) and am ecstatic it is finally a reality.

Also we'd like to thank Hansi, known as Malacus Quai in Dura, for being the primary creator of this system which we are grealy indebted to! Great Thanks!

Functionality Notes:

All "default-map" items - including containers, movable or immovable - will still reset. E.g. Chairs, Tables, Chests, Troughs, Boxes, Bookcases, trash items etc. This means if you store stuff in a map-item container it will not save. Your parcel fortress will save, but the godflowers you stole from Frodo's tavern won't (map-item)
u All your loot on the ground and your lootbag (provided it wasn't a map-item) will save
u Rotting creature corpses will be saved including their contents
u Creature position/health/respawn-status will NOT save. Only 'items' are affected
u It is yet to be determined when the map will reset, possibly monthly or bi-monthly

Happy New Beginnings,
Dura Staff

31.12.21 10:54:18
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Feliz ano novo
Feliz Ano Novo. Este sonho não é só seu, acredito que de vários jogadores que estão aqui. Como eu também sonhava em ter um servidor legal e bem feito para jogar e fazer amizade, esse servidor me tirou de uma grande depressão e fez tudo mudar na minha vida. Minha empresa começou a crescer novamente, como eu estava sempre deprimido e relutante em continuar com ela... Graças ao seu servidor, tudo mudou. Obrigado por fazer algo que realmente mudou tudo na minha vida... que dura vários anos
31.12.21 23:44:52
Sudden Death
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this is awesome but at the same time those runebotters in hidden places are going to be even worse :(
11.01.22 09:54:00