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Series of Announcements
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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Series of Announcements

Greetings Durans,

We have a series of announcements for you today.

A.) The punishments for "Rule 1.) Unofficial Software" and "Rule 2.) Multi-Client, Multi-Computer" have been changed from "Permanent Deletion" to "Permanent Deletion of all known accounts".

B.) In the past Gamemaster Discretion and License was used to both punish players who went against the spirit of Dura though it was not codified in the rules as well as provide leniency and nuance where it seemed suitable and appropriate. This will no longer be the case. Going forward Dura's policy on Rule Enforcement will be a literal and technical interpretation of the rules. Violating a rule whether by accident, ignorance, or bad luck is still the player's responsibility. Please take heed of this as it is our best effort to forewarn you. This change is effective immediately.

Gamemaster Discretion/License will still be exercised to punish players who go against the spirit of Dura's rules, acknowledging that not every possible violation can be covered by a specific rule.

This does not change that each and every case of a Rule Violation can be appealed and reviewed, and by extension that a given punishment can be altered or reverted after review if it is deemed an error has been made.

C.) Our webshop next Server Save may have a treat for everyone.



Dura Staff

11.01.22 14:09:16
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