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Rollback and Compensation
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 39

Posts: 28
Rollback and Compensation


Yesterday Dura experienced a Rollback. The Rollback occurred approximately four hours after Server Save. Therefore from the Server Save November 18th to four Hours after all progress was lost. Our backup protection was corrupted and we could not do an auto-backup to the last hour, which would have been only 15 minutes of Progress lost. Although we have not yet solved the backup correctly auto-saving we have identified the problem. But it will take approximately a week to fix and therefore we are moving that to our first priority before another incident like this happens again. We spare no time in correcting these issues.


Due to the rollback we are giving the following compensation:

  • 7 Days of Premium Account added to all Accounts.
  • 10 Dura Coins added to all Accounts
  • A activatable Scroll that gives the character who uses it 2x effective* (1.7)Exp - (2.0)Skill - (2.0)Magic Level for 3 hours. This scroll will expire Monday November 23rd at Server Save. It is soulbound to the account, meaning it cannot be traded. To receive the scroll enter the command "!claimscroll". Understand you are allotted one per account -- when you enter "!claimscroll" the scroll will be soulbound to that character who receives it by entering "!claimscroll". It cannot be traded even to your other characters. Upon use the 3 hours will tick down without being able to be paused even if you log out.

*Dura's monster are already at 1.2x
*This Scroll does not effect Exp-Quests.


We feel the above compensation is the fairest possible to all players without giving too much while also limiting abuse.

We are not intending to do these types of compensations in the future. In general we believe compensation for such inconveniences should be Premium Account or Webshop Compensation, not artificially manipulating the game itself. However we do think these are special circumstances and so we have come to this decision.


Dura Staff

19.11.20 10:37:44
Edited by moderator
on 19.11.20 11:11:28
Dr Tad
Position: player
Profession: Paladin
Level: 22

Posts: 1
hey guys i appreciate the work you do in the server, although i believe the double exp for a day was a fair enough measure, cant understand the change to only 3 hours. Well thanks anyway keep on the good job!
19.11.20 11:35:08
Position: player
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 31

Posts: 3
I'm glad it's only 3 hours. Honestly I'm against anything that makes life easier, even if it's compensation.

I consider this Tibia Dark Souls haha. I was glad to hear that this won't be given out as compensation again in the future.

Keep making the game more challenging, don't give into the complainers who constantly try to make things easier and more convenient!
19.11.20 20:43:19

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