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New System! Changes! Bug Fixes!
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
Position: god
Profession: Druid
Level: 40

Posts: 32
New System! Changes! Bug Fixes!

Today's Server Save marks many important changes.


The largest and most crucial change will be the introduction of a new System called "Over Experienced." As stated before Dura is founded on principles of challenge and strategy, and on the opposite side trying to constantly distant itself from broken or backward mechanics with the goal that by pursuing the first and preventing the later Dura will give players the most important thing: Fun.

Over the past few weeks many players may have noticed that characters of even level 30, 40, and 50, as on many other Old School 7.4s, hunt the same Monsters as level 10s and 15s. We think this is against the spirit of the game and see it as our fault on the development side because when breaking down the numbers employing this strategy, i.e. hunting minotaurs at level 50 is with little exception the best strategy.

This is not the gameplay we want to cultivate, we think as a character levels up what he does should also change and rise. By implementing Over Experienced it will free these spawns for lower levels as well as open up the map to a wider array of spawns for mid and high levels as they will not feel forced to do something that yields the greatest profit while also decent experience; and lastly it will allow players to actually have fun and challenge themselves as opposed to feeling forced to do something that is well beyond them because game-economy dictate it is best. It is also our belief it will help balance vocations as well as incentivize team play.

The System works as follows: Starting at level 30 all Monsters that give 50 experience or less will give 3% less loot every single level. This means at level 35 you will receive 85% of Loot from Monsters, that is for example from a Minotaur, Orc Warrior, Rotworm etc. At level 40 you will receive 70% of the normal 100% loot. This will go all the way to level 55 where you will receive only 25% of the original 100% of Loot for Monsters less than 50 Experience.

Starting at level 55 all Monsters that give 85 experience or less will give 3% less loot every single level. This means monsters like Minotaur Archers, Dwarf Soldiers, Ghouls etc will give only 25% of Original Loot by level 80. You will never receive less than 25% of Original Loot for either of the above.

We are doing this as our first measure of the Over Experienced System. In a less than a week we will be adding Exp as part of the System. Meaning as you gain levels past level 30 and 55 you will also receive less experience from these monsters.

We're calling this System "Over Experienced" because in Real Life consistently repeating the same action over and over after it's well beyond your skill set would not yield any worthwhile meaning or value to the Person; it follows on a logical basis how a Strong Hero would really become that much stronger by "killing boars".


In other Notes these changes as well are occurring today in Dura:

u Kills to Red Skull has been changed from 4 to 3.

u Kills to Outlaw has been changed from 12 to 6.

u Outlaw Duration has been changed from a 30 day punishment to a 15 day punishment.

u Fire Immunity for certain monsters has been changed to various Resistance %'s.


As well some key bug-fixes:

u As true to 7.4 from now on all Single-Target-Runes, eg SD and HMM, will hit ALL Players/Creatures on Stack instead of only the Player/Creature most recently on Stack.

u Door Stack mechanics will now work.

u The Door-Fire Bug has now also been fixed.


Looking forward to everyone's feedback! Many of these changes and fixes would not have happened without it!

Dura Staff

29.11.20 09:56:08
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on 29.11.20 09:59:39
Position: player
Profession: Knight
Level: 51

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I understand using this to free up spawn but as a 48 knight i'm not like a paladin where i can run cycs or w/e i HAVE to get hit and it makes no sense for me to go fight dragons and shit that i'm literally going to waste all my profit. was a 30 knight i had like 55 skills spikesword, scale armor, brass legs, dwarven shield and steel helmet and i wasted so much because i have to get hit and constantly break shielding. So i do get it but just because you make it less xp won't stop me from hunting weaker monsters because i'm not gunna spend all the gold i make to just hunt for no profit if i'm gunna get 25-35 xp for rotworms or weaker monsters i can hunt with no waste i'm still going to do that. so with that being said as a level 50 what are the correct monsters your suppose to hunt?
30.11.20 00:54:47
Position: player
Profession: Knight
Level: 51

Posts: 2
New update
So just thought of this mintwallen or how ever you spell it is a zone you'd hunt at level 40ish because of the archers guards and mages but if minos give less loot theres no point in hunting there if i was level 40-50 because half the monsters i kill drop no loot. Tombs for example have alot of monsters that are weaker while some rooms have stronger monsters you literally get screwed because you have to kill those monsters or risk getting trapped doesn't really seem fair. and you said the update was to free up hunting spots but some of the spots but no level 20 is gunna hunt in a rotworm hole with 2 ghosts and 2 mummies in it because they'll have difficutly killing those things.
30.11.20 20:12:11
Position: player
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 94

Posts: 5
I'd totally understand that if you did opposite, like hunting stronger monsters than your lvl cap would increase also the loot, so killing demon on 50 lvl will give 1000% loot chance instead of 100%, then I'd totally understand that idea, really, so high risk - profit or big profit reward. But making it like - you get higher lvl, you going to be punished and you won't profit anywhere makes no sense at all. How we are going to make money for any future hunts if you'll cut all of our source of the income to supply ourselves? I mean, 1 stupid hero takes about 5-6 uhs if you have 3 paladin shooters (ofc not wasting sds but only explos [only lol...]. Lets say I'm wasting 15 bp uh for hunt and I loot crown armor. I had 3 shooters + myself to share the loot. Crown Armor npc price is 12k (believe me nobody on the server will also pay more than 25k for that as nobody have so much money). So there's just 6 bp uhs paid by that armor, how about rest of the team and uhs I've wasted? Well... Another example - I've killed 800 monks alone, most than the whole server combined, I didn't even loot bright sword. The only 1 bs droped since begining of the server. How it's going to pay my waste which is about 100k already? It won't even if I loot 5 bright swords right now, I will still be like 30k on waste.
02.12.20 22:47:41

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