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Accessory Downloads

Download Autohotkey

We offer WASD walker support through an easy-to-use external program, known as Auto-hotkey, which you can download here.

Download Dura-WASD-Walker-For-Auto-Hotkey

Once you have Auto-Hotkey installed download this Auto-Hotkey-Script which is custom fitted to allow WASD for Dura.


WTFAST is a program offering a free-trial. By prioritizing game-connection, smoothing out performance, and suppressing bandwith interference it greatly enhances the connection for the specific video game of your choice. No matter where you're connecting from you will always gain a great improvement in your game-connection.

Dura World Editor

Want to create the world of Dura? This is the very Software that creates the Game as we know it. Not hard at all and completely intuitive. We encourage you to attempt to add, expand, or change the world of Dura with Towns, Cities, Wildernesses, Caves, Dungeons, Monsters, NPCs, Quests, Ambushes, Raids, and more. We intend to put your Creations into the World of Dura if they qualify and fit Dura's Vision. Join The Dura Creators Private Discord!

Download Leatrix

Latency Fix will greatly increase your game-speed. Not only for Dura but for all games. It prioritzes game-bandwith over non-game bandwith. And at the same time it will not slow down you're other uses of Internet.

Steps to Use:

•  Download Latency Fix.

•  Unpack the .zip file on your desktop or anywhere you wish.

•  Enter the folder and right-click on Leatrix_Latency_Fix_3.03.exe and chose run as admin.

•  Click on the button Install.

•  Restart your computer.

•  Done.

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