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News archive
25.1.2022 Accursed Edron Ruins
19.1.2022 Elf Scout Outfit!
15.1.2022 Cold Waters of the North
14.1.2022 Dura Temporarily Down
11.1.2022 Series of Announcements
31.12.2021 World Preservation
21.12.2021 Update to Rule as well as Webshop change
19.12.2021 Happy Holidays!
17.12.2021 Hunt Count at the end of the Season
10.12.2021 Hunting Season!
7.12.2021 Adari Igna...
29.11.2021 Under the blistering sands...
24.11.2021 Ankrahmun...
16.11.2021 Halloween Picture Contest Results
5.11.2021 Dura's 1st Year Anniversary!
24.10.2021 Halloween!
21.10.2021 Halloween Picture Contest!
21.10.2021 Halloween Webshop Addition
13.10.2021 Revision of Outlaw System
8.10.2021 Hibernation!
16.9.2021 New Cosmeitcs in Dura's Webshop
15.9.2021 The Dwarven Ale!
31.8.2021 Monsters of Flame Concluded
26.8.2021 Monsters of Flame!
13.8.2021 Server Maintenance
11.8.2021 Experimental Design and Development
4.8.2021 Captain of the Guard on the frontlines
4.8.2021 Compensation for Server Outage
4.8.2021 Server Outage
26.7.2021 Bulletin!
22.7.2021 The first Chess Tournament of Dura!
15.7.2021 Server Maintenance
13.7.2021 Content Patch
13.7.2021 Patch Notes
7.7.2021 Server Maintenance
2.7.2021 Blood in the Fist
25.6.2021 Preview II: Pre-Ankrahmun-Update(A) Patch-2.0:
22.6.2021 Preview: Pre-Ankrahmun-Update(A) Patch-2.0:
21.6.2021 Breeding Season Continued!
19.6.2021 Breeding Season
11.6.2021 New Cosmetics added to the webshop including Outfits
5.6.2021 Townhalls
2.6.2021 Bulletin on Player Count
31.5.2021 June 1st Patch Notes:
29.5.2021 Pre-Update-A Patch-1.0:
20.5.2021 The new client is here!
15.5.2021 Test Server access to everyone to test New Client -- This Weekend Only
4.5.2021 Monsters of Brawn ends
26.4.2021 Monsters of Brawn!
22.4.2021 Rapine is coming for Dura
20.4.2021 New changes to Dura today:
19.4.2021 Deletion of Accounts for various cheating violations
8.4.2021 Easter Event and Wabbit Season come to a close
4.4.2021 Easter Hare...
1.4.2021 Happy Easter!
30.3.2021 Refunds due to events that are Dura's responsibility are now Public Record
10.3.2021 Rules Updated concerning Unfair Play Advantage
10.3.2021 Downtime due to Global Datacenter crash via European Fire
9.3.2021 Townhalls for Dura
8.3.2021 Dura House Decorating Competion for March!
27.2.2021 Dura 15 Client necessary to play Dura going forward
11.2.2021 New Player Created Areas!
26.1.2021 The Rich Waters of the North
26.1.2021 Network Instability and Switching Hosting Providers
16.1.2021 Christmas Webshop Items and Dura World Editor Program
20.12.2020 Mandatory Client Download
14.12.2020 Merry Christmas!
5.12.2020 Happy Holidays & Best Wishes!
29.11.2020 New System! Changes! Bug Fixes!
28.11.2020 No More Level Requirements for Experience Quests!
23.11.2020 Balancing Game Mechanics - Experience Quests
19.11.2020 Rollback and Compensation
19.11.2020 Maintenance
13.11.2020 Houses for All!
11.11.2020 Server Issue -- Rollback
8.11.2020 Dura Major Patch!
6.11.2020 Download Cline and Create Account
6.11.2020 Dura is Releasing!
6.11.2020 Wiping server until release!
2.11.2020 Wiping Test Server
2.11.2020 Last call for Late Game Testing. Test Server being Wiped soon. Only Real Rates Testing!
14.10.2020 Welcome to Dura!
12.10.2020 Major Game Update -- REDOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT or you will experience crashes.
19.8.2020 Major Update for Dura!
19.8.2020 Welcome to the Test Server!