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We take cheating and unfair advantage seriously. It will not be some lazy affair for us, all rules will be enforced without exception around the clock and no quarter will be given unless hard reason is produced.

  • First Prefatory Rule on Cheating: The Discretion of a Gamemaster or other Authority Figure with the power to Ban or Delete can override any rule. Therefore we advise: if you think it could be construed as cheating -- it is.

  • Second Prefatory Rule on Cheating: Computer Programs which allow you to switch, duplicate, or bind keys -or mouse buttons- are allowed.

  • Third Prefatory Rule on Cheating: Computer Programs which allow you to aid your connection are allowed.


Which if violated will cause Account Deletion:

  1.  Multi-Client. You are ONLY allowed to be online with one account at a time.
  2.  No form of Macro or Bot is allowed.
  3.  No form of Artificial Runemaking using ANY type of computer program.
  4.  No Cave-Botting.
  5.  No Aim-Botting.
  6.  No Mage-Bot.
  7.  No Lighthack. First offense will result in a ban as it's possible you were ignorant of the Rule. Second offense will result in Account Deletion.
  8.  No Auto-Refill of Mana, Health, or Ammunition. It must be done by hands as the client allows.
  9.  No Magebomb, that is, a magebomb coordinated BY a program.

Though we do have the standard Anti-Bot protocols, which we will not disclose because it telegraphs cheaters how best to cheat, it is never enough. The prime method of preventing cheating will be on call Gamemasters. We'd like to request that you do not even attempt cheating because one you'll be caught but it still requires some little time to catch you and every minute our team needs to spend Gamemastering are the literal minutes we would otherwise spend on game development.

Thank you.