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Dura is an MMORPG fantasy world that was made for the most seasoned and skilled players.

At core Dura was created in the belief that making the game hard again will make the game fun again. And so it is: Alive with challenges, threats, and dangers it constantly pushes and tests your strengths and limits in contest to your fellow adventurers like never before. What once was for all of us something unpredictable, unexplored, exciting and dangerous has become boring, monotonous, repetitive, and downright easy. We all mastered the game long ago, many of us being able to play blindfolded, knowing before we even press Submit on a character what lies ahead and exactly how to achieve it with no hardship, trial, or challenge, at each stage and each spawn. No more. From the moment you leave the temple every step you take, whether through Dura's streets or the torch-lit caves of its dungeons, will feel fresh and new, with death leaping at you from all sides.

And that is only the beginning. We've expanded the world.... New Monsters. New Quests. New Spells. New Dungeons. New Areas. New Cities. New Raids. New Bosses. New Risk-Reward. New Armor. New Events. Legendary items. Ancient Runes. Sustainability. And so much more.