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The Time of dumb beasts is over. Age and experience have made the creatures of Dura more cunning and more vile. Years have taught them new ways of shield and steel, fortification and destruction. They have learned from each other, some banding together. Never more deadly -- a new hero is needed.

Our Monster System is one of our most core and central Changes. The monsters of Dura are far more sophisticated and threatening. Each given monster, upon spawn, draws at random from a ranged pool of stats and abilities pre-set for that Creature. This means that each individual fight or confrontation will be different and unpredictable, and thus challenging, meaning fun. However we've done more than just that, we've also slightly altered the spawns to make them more varied and 'multi-colored' engendering a many-headed challenge. In a phrase you'll never ever really know what's around the corner. Our goal was to push the game away from the mastered mechanics and knowledge bases we all completed long ago, the spirit-crushing and mind-numbing grinding, to something that constantly demands you to think on your feet, employ circumstantial strategy, and tests your talents -- all using native 7.4 knowledge and skills. So spawns (types of monsters in a given area) themselves will be different, but then so will the monsters themselves who inhabit them; in the hope of multi-layered unpredictability, and that doesn't include the other parts of the Monster System we cannot reveal due to spoiling the gameplay experience (what we can say is a spawn may be different from one day or hour to the next). But please don't think we became carried away.

The Monster System, as with all of Dura itself, keeps the game in the 7.4 Spirit and Atmosphere: In explanation the spawns do not differ in essence from what you expect -- not just by Power-Level but also Aesthetic; and the monsters themselves, their abilities and stats are in keeping with what their core characteristics are. We've woven and layered nuanced changes but in terms of feel, which we strove very hard never to depart from, it's just as any other time you've entered a Dungeon in 7.4.

Elite Monsters

  • In Rare instances a monster instead of spawning normally will spawn an Elite Version of itself. A much greater rate of HP, EXP, and Loot; and it is possible other differences as well.

  • In Semi-Rare instances, when you are in a Party, instead of spawning normally a monster will also spawn an Elite Version of itself. It also will have a greater rate of HP, EXP, Loot and other differences possibly.

  • In Extremely Rare instances a monster, if one is in a party both Elite-Versions will combine to form an incredibly powerful version of itself with equally good rewards.