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Rates & Advancement

Rates and advancement on Dura have been reached after extensive testing and evaluation owed to our 3-month Test Server. Please make sure you read all of the following to understand how advancement works.

Gaining Experience and Loot is not typical here; there are more ways than one to earn experience and increase one's profitability. Effective Rates cannot be made clear by Rate Numbers only.

Experience and Loot:

Experience and skills are acquired and enhanced by:
  • Killing Monsters.
  • Solving Quests -- There is over 5 million experience points in Quests alone on Dura.
  • Elite Monsters and World Events.
  • Realm's Aid. This system will provide everyone with more resources, allowing for faster experience.
  • Skills are easier to Advance at higher levels.
  • Raid Monsters can give more than normal experience. Raids on Dura happen very frequently.
  • Added New Spawns and Improved Old Ones which allows for greater experience potential.

The Actual loot of Dura is increased by multiple factors:
  • Raid Monsters give 1.75x Loot.
  • More Quests will give more Resources to players.
  • Realm's Aid. This system will provide everyone with more resources, allowing for greater profitability.
  • Elite Monsters and World Events.
  • Life rings and Rings of healing are far cheaper.
  • Loot Tables of certain Monsters have been improved.

Taking these factors into careful consideration the actual Effective Rates of Dura are:

    Effective EXP 1.25x

    Effective Loot 1x

    Effective Skills 1.4x

    Effective Magic 1.15x

    With the above accounted for the literal rates of Dura are:

    EXP 1x

    Loot 1x

    Skills 1x

    Magic 1x

As these rates have only been tested in the Test Server and this is Dura's first edition these rates will be watched extremely closely and if we feel they are too low or too high we will adjust them accordingly.