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World Changes

Worlds as well as its inhabitants are not static or still, they are constantly changing sometimes steadily, sometimes suddenly. It is no different with Dura. Roads change, plagues and famine occur, peoples migrate, rivers flood, enemies learn new tactics or discover new strengths, treaties are made, and whether friend or foe all experience times of prosperity and times of misery. In the server you will experience all this, constant change and variety, and evolution of the world itself and the peoples and creatures that inhabit it.

World (Ecological and Societal) Shifts

World Shifts are Map Changes which are REGIONAL yet, by their nature, their effect will be GLOBAL. They can last for days or weeks. They will be determined by Natural Events, such as Earthquakes, Floods, Eruptions, Wild-Fires, Famines, Plagues, Infestations, Wars, and so on. The results of which mean the accessibility of a given Area/Region may be enhanced, changed, or cut-off. An already planned example of this will be in the first week of the Release Edron and Darashia will not be accessible, and why they're not will come with a story; after the first week Edron will be accessible, and after the second week Darashia (See Test Server and Release). Other examples could be Ab'dendriel flooding, Kazordoon and it's city will suffer an earthquake, or Carlin will border it's walls and lands due to plague and infestation.

World Map Changes

During any given day or days Lands, Rivers, Dungeons, Cities, and/or Spawns, and anything else, might be different than you would normally find them. They are not polymorphous, once you learn a variation it will benefit you going forward permanently.

World Monster Changes

During any given day or days Monsters might be different than you would normally find them, and on that day(s) their reward might be different. This will change how you are able --and sometimes will have to-- interact on the entire map as well as spawns locally and further necessitate new techniques and strategies to effectively survive. Announcements will always precipitate this.