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Future Plans


The first objective staff are working on is the balancing and improving of the existing game. We will not let things like vocation imbalance, economic abuse, broken mechanics, or things external to the game like lag ever go too long -- if we see a problem we will address it and fix it immediately as opposed to concentrating on new content. This will be an ongoing principal that Dura will embody as long as it exists.
Beyond that Dura's plans in summary are here.

February - April

Dura will update with not all but many of the following: Additonal Custom Areas on the current map. Additonal Quests. An updated Ambush System to the current one. More map playability. 3 News systems. Cooking. Forging. City Guilds. New Fundamental Systems for how one can aquire experience and skills.

We will release an Ankramun update where the city of Ankrahmun as well as all the outer areas of Ankrahmun will be renovated. They are grossly imbalanced and overpowered. We will overhaul them completely to balance them and design them within the Dura Spirit.

May and beyond

Dura has concrete plans for updates for at least the next Two Years. Every time we implement an update into Game we will list the next update in the Update Cycle here.