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Raids & Bosses


Throughout the lands of Dura monsters have grown Restless and unchecked, killing indiscriminately, whether passerby on the roads or making attacks on cities and their inhabitants, all while growing stronger and in greater numbers in their homelands. Dura is overrun and in danger of being lost.

Raids happen regularly on Dura, so much so that you will experience one to three on average when you play. There are over 290+ Raids: the 60+ original 7.6 raids, 170+ custom raids, and 60+ custom boss raids. There are raids for all levels of player and they occur everywhere throughout the map. No one or no place is left out. Raid Monsters will be different than Non-Raid Monsters. They may contain more loot, give more experience, act or behave differently. There are also over 1500+ mini-raids.



There is yet a deeper peril that the mortals of Dura suffer, some fear that induces and shapes Legend. For the Lord's of Evil, each the Master of their foul race, marshall their minions and hold evil council in their lairs. The old Heroes of Dura which once struck terror into the minds of these vile named beasts have died out or moved on to new lands. Only when new Heroes come forth to save the lands of Dura will these Lords of Evil crawl back under the Earth.

Bosses on Dura are end game content. Dangerous in the extreme, they are Server-Wide bosses demanding many players to take down. Both classic and custom bosses can be found on Dura.

They appear commonly enough that everyone will have a chance to confront them.