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18 Jan 2021 -
January 18thth Patch Notes: -Blessings should be the correct prices and work...
  • January 18thth Patch Notes:

-Blessings should be the correct prices and work appropriately.
-Burst Arrows have been recustomized. They should now provide utility in Dura, and yet still do not recover their Overpowered Ability in the original 7.4.
-Fixed Field Spells on Level Doors
-Reordered the Sequence at which Damage Output and Damage Reduction in PvP stacks altering PvP damage.
-Modified Various Spawns within Game
-Monster's retargeting frequency has been lowered.
-Spears accuracy will now be affected by Skills up to Distance 20. At Distance 20 you will have the full normal accuracy.
-Change Name is now possible as an automatic function, purchaseable for 40 Dura Coins. This can be done on your Account Page where you create your character.
-Two to Three Raids that were working improperly have been fixed.
-Plains of Havoc Giant Spiders have had Ambushes changed and added.
-Balanced Edron Heroes due to a lack of it being hunted.
-Balanced Edron Fire Elemental Demon.
-Text Colors for Staff has been further corrected, more improvements to come. Trade should from now on only have Yellow Text for all.

8 Jan 2021 -
December 30th Patch Notes Part 3:   Lowered Witch Health. - Lowered Elf Arcanist...
  • December 30th Patch Notes Part 3:
  • Lowered Witch Health.
  • - Lowered Elf Arcanist Resistance to Energy.
  • - Witch abilities do less damage.
  • - Banshees reduced mimics from 4 to 3.
  • - Heroes can summon only 1 monk now.
  • - Elf Arcanist Loot buffed.
  • - Staffs now sellable to certain NPCs on Map.
  • - Letters can now be bought from Postmaster NPCs
  • - Mana cost for fireball reduced from 70 to 60
  • - Great Fireball Rune Spell is now buyable from Paladin NPC's
  • - Food Capacity lowered from 40 Minutes to 20 Minutes. Reasoning is it will more effectively counter cheating and most people thought food was bugged even though it was not.
  • - Mid Level Spawns changed.
  • - Experience-Share no longer requires you to deal damage recently.
  • - Blackboards from Webshop are now always readable.
  • - Banshee Quest improved.
  • - Added Guidebooks for each Town upon entering Main for New Players
  • - Changed Elite Cloning Ability
  • - Changed Blessings Prices
  • - Changed cost of Amulet of Losses and increased their Level Limit to be 1 higher (e.g. 1-50 instead of 1-49)
  • - Activated more Tier 2 and Tier 3 raids (Be careful, defend the realm.)
8 Jan 2021 -
December 30th Patch Notes Part 2:   Demon Skeleton Loot Buffed Stalker Loot...
December 30th Patch Notes Part 2:
  • Demon Skeleton Loot Buffed
  • Stalker Loot Buffed
  • Christmas Light added to Towns!
  • Ghostlands Surface Improved for Level 8s who start in Carlin.
  • Ab'dendriel Garden Improved for Level 8s.
  • Added Level 8 Spawn in South Plains of Thais. Spider Hole.
  • Activated more Raids.
  • Trap Buffed to be slightly more useful.
  • Fire Immunity reduced about 30% for Raid Monsters.
  • PvP Shielding fixed. Damage Formulas are now in entirety pristine.
  • Fixed Houses not charging Rent
  • Fixed when house changes owner(even if owner is noone) to send items properly to depot(before items just vanished)
  • Summons no longer can be Push-Poofed by Stronger Monsters.
  • Removed Stairhopping Exhaust for PvP while retaining it for PvE. There is no delay when you want to attack a Player, there is if you want to attack a Monster. Does not effect Offensive Instant Spells.
  • Improved and Expanded Elite Treasure system. Now the stronger the monster the better Treasure Bag he will provide. Overall this will give a better and fairer reward for which Elite Monster you kill.
30 Dec 2020 -
December 10th to 30th Patch Notes Part 1: Many low level areas across the map changed...

December 10th to 30th Patch Notes Part 1:

  • Many low level areas across the map changed which will make the gamer easier for level 8-15 which is where it was hardest.
  • Lions Changed
  • Shielding Issue fixed.
  • Some Mid Level Spawns changed which will bring balance to the map.
  • Minotaur Mage changed.
  • Buffed Cyclops loot (Added small stones)
  • Buffed Fire Devil loot (Added small stones)
  • Changed Behemoth summoning cyclops from 6 to 3; retains difficulty, shaves annoyance
  • Hero Changed (Does less damage and when he summons a monk it's only 1)
  • Dwarf Geomancer Changed (Less Experience Given. Dwarf Geos give 245 exp in RL 7.4. They were buffed in exp because of how hard they are in 7.4 though. However after nerfing their most impactful attacks it is unbalanced to keep the buffed exp they were given for those very attacks.)
  • Orc Berserkers removed immune to poison (Orc Berserkers should have no poison immunity.)
9 Dec 2020 -
December 9th Patch Notes: Many Spawns, 80% of which are for low levels, have been...

December 9th Patch Notes:

  • Many Spawns, 80% of which are for low levels, have been changed.
  • Ice Rapier Nerfed because Exori takes Weapon Attack into account on Dura
  • Exori now uses weapon charges upon Use.
  • Giant Spider Poison Condition Nerfed
  • Changed Naginata from 19 defense to 25 (Which is what it should be)
  • Fixed Throttling for Over Experience to not apply to Food Based Monsters: "bear", "wolf", "winter wolf", "polar bear", "sheep", "black sheep", "rabbit" etc
  • Removed Venore as a starting town option until it is more supportive of lower level players (Which will be soon.)
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16.1.2021 -
Christmas Webshop Items and Dura World Editor Program


Greetings Durans,

With the Holidays and the memory of them winding down we are going to remove Holiday Items from the Webshop as they are Seasonal Options; they will be again available next year. They will be removed tommorrow, January 17th.


Do you want to help create the World of Dura?

During our time developing Dura there was one thing we came across that we long ago forgot and yet since learning it anew we cannot let it go. As the evidence below will show not only in the beginning did Players create the majority of the Game but they created the best parts that we all love.

We fundamentally believe that so much of what made the original game special was feelings of community and an inherent love to explore a world infused with charm and flavor, brewed from an endless supply of imaginations. Even the parts of the game that were not created by Players in the Early Days were suggested and proposed by Players.

Therefore today, we are inviting anyone who wants to volunteer to be an Editor and Storyteller for Dura for the Dura World Editor program. The guidelines and rules will come soon enough in the invitation itself but at bottom the meaning is: Anyone who wants to can Create the World of Dura. We are going to supply you with Easy-To-Use Tools that are no harder to setup than Dura's Own Client. With these tools, you, with complete freedom and without any limitation can create anything for the world of Dura: add, expand, change, alter the Map. Cities, Wildernesses, Dungeons, Caves, Rivers, Valleys, Mountains, Monsters, NPCs, Raids, Ambushes, Quests, Traps, and on and on. More will be explained but to make sure we do not frighten anyone - all submissions will of course be open to our final decision if they enter the game or not, but we have nothing but hope that each submission will be accepted.

Invitation:   &    World Editor Software




More News to come soon about the Activation of Dura-Only-Systems like World Shifts and World Changes.


20.12.2020 -
Mandatory Client Download

There is now an updated client available for Download.

This is a mandatory download. Without it your game could malfunction. Various patches come with this client including numerous game-errors (bugs) being solved. To download the Updated Client go to

Along with this Client Update will come Christmas Items purchaseable in the Webshop. They will be available in the Webshop next Server Save.

This will be the last time a Client Update will be necessary as we will release a completely New and different Client in the coming days which has an auto-updater function along with many other new features.

Note: For your maps please consult the Instructions in the Downloaded Folder.


Dura Staff

14.12.2020 -
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas and the Holidays are here and Santa Claus too! Visit any Town to see Santa in the town's local tavern, be ready to receive an armful of presents but be careful if you havn't been nice -- you might get COAL! And for the luckiest and kindest citizens of Dura he may give the most beautiful of gifts.



Also in the spirit of the Holdays new Christmas Items, Decorations, and Gifts will be available in our Webshop within a few days!

Best, Dura Staff

5.12.2020 -
Happy Holidays & Best Wishes!

It's the Holidays, a time for being thankful and giving back. With the end of the year approaching Dura reflects on its first month being alive and we couldn't be happier with how things are going or more grateful.




Our community grows everyday with more and more people exploring the lands of Dura and discovering its mysteries. And this is only the beginning, there is so much that awaits our adventurers: new stories, new dungeons and realms, new monsters, new quests, challenges, journeys, and never ending plans for the future -- we're so excited to see it unfold. In gratitude we'd like to give everyone who's ever made a character on Dura 7 Days of Free Premium. Thank You!

Happy Holidays!


Santa Claus will see you in your local town soon!

29.11.2020 -
New System! Changes! Bug Fixes!

Today's Server Save marks many important changes.


The largest and most crucial change will be the introduction of a new System called "Over Experienced." As stated before Dura is founded on principles of challenge and strategy, and on the opposite side trying to constantly distant itself from broken or backward mechanics with the goal that by pursuing the first and preventing the later Dura will give players the most important thing: Fun.

Over the past few weeks many players may have noticed that characters of even level 30, 40, and 50, as on many other Old School 7.4s, hunt the same Monsters as level 10s and 15s. We think this is against the spirit of the game and see it as our fault on the development side because when breaking down the numbers employing this strategy, i.e. hunting minotaurs at level 50 is with little exception the best strategy.

This is not the gameplay we want to cultivate, we think as a character levels up what he does should also change and rise. By implementing Over Experienced it will free these spawns for lower levels as well as open up the map to a wider array of spawns for mid and high levels as they will not feel forced to do something that yields the greatest profit while also decent experience; and lastly it will allow players to actually have fun and challenge themselves as opposed to feeling forced to do something that is well beyond them because game-economy dictate it is best. It is also our belief it will help balance vocations as well as incentivize team play.

The System works as follows: Starting at level 30 all Monsters that give 50 experience or less will give 3% less loot every single level. This means at level 35 you will receive 85% of Loot from Monsters, that is for example from a Minotaur, Orc Warrior, Rotworm etc. At level 40 you will receive 70% of the normal 100% loot. This will go all the way to level 55 where you will receive only 25% of the original 100% of Loot for Monsters less than 50 Experience.

Starting at level 55 all Monsters that give 85 experience or less will give 3% less loot every single level. This means monsters like Minotaur Archers, Dwarf Soldiers, Ghouls etc will give only 25% of Original Loot by level 80. You will never receive less than 25% of Original Loot for either of the above.

We are doing this as our first measure of the Over Experienced System. In a less than a week we will be adding Exp as part of the System. Meaning as you gain levels past level 30 and 55 you will also receive less experience from these monsters.

We're calling this System "Over Experienced" because in Real Life consistently repeating the same action over and over after it's well beyond your skill set would not yield any worthwhile meaning or value to the Person; it follows on a logical basis how a Strong Hero would really become that much stronger by "killing boars".


In other Notes these changes as well are occurring today in Dura:

u Kills to Red Skull has been changed from 4 to 3.

u Kills to Outlaw has been changed from 12 to 6.

u Outlaw Duration has been changed from a 30 day punishment to a 15 day punishment.

u Fire Immunity for certain monsters has been changed to various Resistance %'s.


As well some key bug-fixes:

u As true to 7.4 from now on all Single-Target-Runes, eg SD and HMM, will hit ALL Players/Creatures on Stack instead of only the Player/Creature most recently on Stack.

u Door Stack mechanics will now work.

u The Door-Fire Bug has now also been fixed.


Looking forward to everyone's feedback! Many of these changes and fixes would not have happened without it!

Dura Staff

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