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8 Mar 2021 -
March 8th Patch Notes...

March 8th Patch Notes II:                                                                                                                                 


New Raids activated. They are in slightly vulnerable areas. Please pay attention to the Raid Messages as to where they are and what to expect.

-Added New System: Makes Raid Monsters not lureable past a certain point; the monster will return to its original location. This is designed so high level players cannot for example cannot lure giant spiders from -6 up to -1 or surface. Or lure Heroes which spawn in POH all the way to Ab'dendriel (yes, there is a way)

-New High Level Raids -- Tier 3 are being added, as well as Tier 2.

-Changed Banshee monsters. More huntable.

-Fixed PvP field damage to have greater damage in PvP and therefore more use. There was a bug previously.

-New elements (things) are added to the map.

-Crossbows and Bows are now One-Handed and use ammunition from hands and ammunition slot. You cannot wear a shield or other weapon if you are wearing a Bow or Crossbow.

-Fixed Rooking System, triggering whenever you hit level 5 in main you will be sent to Rook as a level 1 and no vocation.

-There was a small bug with PvP field damage after we patched it, it should work now.


-Fixed logging bug outside of Banshee Quest.

-Only remove soulbound from runes on death with less than 10x charges. To prevent abuse.

-Added a 5 minute idle warning as well as a 1 minute warning.

-Fixed items bug when moving an item to a minimized equip-window if no space left.

-Getting rooked will also now also clears depot and spells

-Changed Giant Spider Kazordoon Mine Raid

-Buffed Elder Beholder Loot

-Buffed Elder Beholder Helmet

-Changed Dragon Loot

8 Mar 2021 -
March 8th Patch Notes...

March 8th Patch Notes I:                           

New Dura Coins Scroll added to Webshop.

-Portal at Hellgate Exit removed. The other two exit points for players themselves or their items are now working.

-Changed multiple Raids

-Changed multiple Ambushes

-Soulbound Runes acquirable from a player corpse lowered from 100 to 40 to prevent abuse. We will possibly revisit this at some point.

-Changed Yelling range from 15~ to 30 (Both Players and Monsters).

-Great Energy Beam mana cost lowered.

-Energy Beam mana cost lowered.

-Giant Spider Changed. Poison Missile Lowered.

-Hero Changed. Ranged Damage Lowered.

-Black Knight Changed. Mechanics altered.

-Dragon Lord Changed. Removed Ranged DL and created new form.

-There were various keys around the map, which were daily spawns, that were being Power Abused. Instantly upon Server Save someone who already had the key would get the other making it impossible to gain access to the given area except by those who already possessed them; and the result is you are invincible without fear. This has been changed so the accessibility is now public until a solution is created to account for this form of abuse. I stress that there were many people doing this at many different locations; it was not an isolated incident.

18 Jan 2021 -
January 18th Patch Notes...

January 18th Patch Notes I:                                                                                                                                            


Blessings should be the correct prices and work appropriately.
-Burst Arrows have been recustomized. They should now provide utility in Dura, and yet still do not recover their Overpowered Ability in the original 7.4.
-Fixed Field Spells on Level Doors
-Reordered the Sequence at which Damage Output and Damage Reduction in PvP stacks altering PvP damage.
-Modified Various Spawns within Game
-Monster's retargeting frequency has been lowered.
-Spears accuracy will now be affected by Skills up to Distance 20. At Distance 20 you will have the full normal accuracy.
-Change Name is now possible as an automatic function, purchaseable for 40 Dura Coins. This can be done on your Account Page where you create your character.
-Two to Three Raids that were working improperly have been fixed.
-Plains of Havoc Giant Spiders have had Ambushes changed and added.
-Balanced Edron Heroes due to a lack of it being hunted.
-Balanced Edron Fire Elemental Demon.
-Text Colors for Staff has been further corrected, more improvements to come. Trade should from now on only have Yellow Text for all.

8 Jan 2021 -
December 30th Patch Notes Part 3:     Lowered Witch Health. - Lowered...
  • December 30th Patch Notes Part 3:



  • Lowered Witch Health.
  • - Lowered Elf Arcanist Resistance to Energy.
  • - Witch abilities do less damage.
  • - Banshees reduced mimics from 4 to 3.
  • - Heroes can summon only 1 monk now.
  • - Elf Arcanist Loot buffed.
  • - Staffs now sellable to certain NPCs on Map.
  • - Letters can now be bought from Postmaster NPCs
  • - Mana cost for fireball reduced from 70 to 60
  • - Great Fireball Rune Spell is now buyable from Paladin NPC's
  • - Food Capacity lowered from 40 Minutes to 20 Minutes. Reasoning is it will more effectively counter cheating and most people thought food was bugged even though it was not.
  • - Mid Level Spawns changed.
  • - Experience-Share no longer requires you to deal damage recently.
  • - Blackboards from Webshop are now always readable.
  • - Banshee Quest improved.
  • - Added Guidebooks for each Town upon entering Main for New Players
  • - Changed Elite Cloning Ability
  • - Changed Blessings Prices
  • - Changed cost of Amulet of Losses and increased their Level Limit to be 1 higher (e.g. 1-50 instead of 1-49)
  • - Activated more Tier 2 and Tier 3 raids (Be careful, defend the realm.)
8 Jan 2021 -
December 30th Patch Notes Part 2:     Demon Skeleton Loot Buffed Stalker...
December 30th Patch Notes Part 2:
  • Demon Skeleton Loot Buffed
  • Stalker Loot Buffed
  • Christmas Light added to Towns!
  • Ghostlands Surface Improved for Level 8s who start in Carlin.
  • Ab'dendriel Garden Improved for Level 8s.
  • Added Level 8 Spawn in South Plains of Thais. Spider Hole.
  • Activated more Raids.
  • Trap Buffed to be slightly more useful.
  • Fire Immunity reduced about 30% for Raid Monsters.
  • PvP Shielding fixed. Damage Formulas are now in entirety pristine.
  • Fixed Houses not charging Rent
  • Fixed when house changes owner(even if owner is noone) to send items properly to depot(before items just vanished)
  • Summons no longer can be Push-Poofed by Stronger Monsters.
  • Removed Stairhopping Exhaust for PvP while retaining it for PvE. There is no delay when you want to attack a Player, there is if you want to attack a Monster. Does not effect Offensive Instant Spells.
  • Improved and Expanded Elite Treasure system. Now the stronger the monster the better Treasure Bag he will provide. Overall this will give a better and fairer reward for which Elite Monster you kill.
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8.4.2021 -
Easter Event and Wabbit Season come to a close

Greetings Durans,

This last weekend's Easter Event is over and done and we're very pleased with it to say the least. Overall we are happy with how it went but at the same time learned a lot how to improve events in the future.
We intend to do more and more events like these as we move forward. Feel free to leave feedback about your experience in the Discord or the Forums.

For Wabbit Season the winner is ... drumroll ... ... ... ... Frost. He slew 9,513 rabbits during the event earning him the title Wabbit Season 1st Place 2021. His prize will be visible in his house.  ;)

Top 10:

Frost                      9,513
Ichimaku                 4,920
Cielos Que Maziso     2,473
Elfzor                     2,295
Gonsalez Del Ocho    2,240
Clinten                    2,230
Tanjiro                    2,110
Pereyra                   1,949
Pack De Patas          1,862
Wanda                    1,855

2nd to 4th place will receive a Green Gem.
5th to 10th place will receive a Yellow Gem.



Dura Staff

4.4.2021 -
Easter Hare...

Take heed...

I hear tell the Easter Hare will visit the Lands of Dura this year... at 17:15 EST.



Get Ready.

1.4.2021 -
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We have quite a fun weekend planned for Dura. Cutting right to the chase here is what you can expect:

Wabbit Season!

You know how those furry cuddly wuddly fuzzy wuzzy little creatures can mate mate mate and duplicate. Well get ready for Rabbits galore across the forests and towns of Dura; (whispering) and they just might have some goodies better than carrots inside. And there just might be a prize for the person who kills the most wabbits this season.

Easter Egg Hunt anyone? Or maybe Easter Egg Riddle Hunt?

Get ready for games, fun, and events the whole weekend as Gamemasters and Community Managers will have impromptu moment to moment fun for everyone. Prizes of all shapes and sizes for puzzles of all flavors and wises.

And wait a minute.. what about the Easter Bunny?

I've heard of him before I swear. Well he just might pop in, and he might hop around the land without end and he just might be a bit bigger than you expected. I wonder what he carries with him as he hops down the bunny trail?


When does this all start?

Server save Friday EST to Server save Monday EST.


Can't Wait,
Dura Staff

30.3.2021 -
Refunds due to events that are Dura's responsibility are now Public Record

This action is the result of one of our players proposals.

At Dura we value transparency and integrity of play and therefore all future refunds will be recorded publicly for the sake of those two principles.


We consider Dura a product which people pay for. As such if the product is faulty or has flaws we consider it our responsibility to make the customer whole and give fair resolution and compensation to that customer. Therefore our policy when it comes to anything that is outside the player's control or is considered by actual law criminal deserves refund. An example of outside player's control is: debugging client failure resulting in a death of character. An example of criminality per a countries laws is: DDOS sabotage upon a player who plays our game, or product.

Dura's game is radically innovative on many levels. That level of innovation comes with trials of errors because we try new things to expand gameplay, which results in risks of design. These risks manifest in bugs, these bugs cause player discomfort or faulty product. It has long been our belief that in time all of this would be stabilized. That is over time we would solve near all bugs and other complications that lead to a faulty product. Now even though this is largely true, as everyday we become more stabilized in our performance and eventually will be near 99% as most other seasoned games we now recognize that even once stabilized there will still be errors, as this is the nature of game expansion, which cause a desert of refund. Therefore we choose now to change our policy of refund to a more ongoing and public record.

Up till now we have always been private with these refunds because we believed it would only be a matter of time before we no longer had to do them because our game/product would be stabilized. This is the primary explanation why we were not public about them in the past, we saw no need, that perspective has changed.
As well up until now we have not given refunds out all at once but spread over time. The reason for doing this is to not raise alarm throughout the community, i.e. if someone saw another person receive a level for example while standing in the depot of a town, or saw him jump on the highscores it would immediately cause confusion and outrage. They would then, as they did when Staff first started giving refunds, message Gamemasters or Gods or Official Support with questions and accusations of corruption. Each and every time the Staff member would provide the evidence of the situation proving a refund would be just and thus alleviating the situation of doubt and thoughts of unfair play.
To circumvent this and use Staff time efficiently we thought it best to do dispense these refunds over time so it would be less noticeable. However, per the player's proposal above, we now recognize the best solution for both efficiency of Staff time and integrity is to have everything 100% public so it can be handled promptly as well as ethically.

This channel,, shows every single refund Dura officially makes to a given player. It will display the reason for the refund, to whom it is given, what the refund itself consists of, and when it occurred. Refunds are given on Dura by Official Staff for anything that is considered Dura's responsibility. This includes but is not limited to debug client failures, global server failures, bugs of varying degrees a player encounters, and DDOS sabotage. Ultimately the discretion of a Gamemaster is what determines a refund. However there are some common prerequisites for such which are Video, Picture, or a Trackable story, and our logs as evidence. We encourage you for example if you encounter a bug to take a picture of it, or send the error report upon login. Only with evidence will refunds be given. Trying to submit a false case to gain a refund one does not deserve, i.e. lying with fabrication to try to have Staff issue a refund for a false report will result in Account Deletion.

As a matter of record: On Dura we estimate we have given over 1000+ refunds to over uniquely 300+ players at a minimum. For any players who have played any decent amount of time on Dura they will know this because they themselves or their friends will have received these refunds. For those who have not yet experienced this I hope nothing more in the world than you will never have to. But at least for another month or two we predict these types of cause for refund will be present, dated March 30th 2021, and therefore they will be logged here.

Dura Staff

10.3.2021 -
Rules Updated concerning Unfair Play Advantage

Greetings Everyone,


Rules on Unfair Play Advantage have been updated.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. These rules have been instituted after much thought on what fair play truly means for a long term healthy game experience for all players. As we always say Dura intends to be a real game for 10 years, after much thought we think these new rules support that vision going forward. They cover such topics as Account Selling/Buying, Gold Selling/Buying, and Account Sharing.

These rules are effective today, March 10th 11:00 EST. Any violation of these rules before this date is not admissable as a violation.

Dura Staff

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