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Magic System

The Spell System overhauls the Classic System with the goal to rebalance and improve the magic system. Although the changes are slight they provide just the right adjustments necessary to accomplish this goal.

Particular spells mechanics have been modified, some resulting in Buffs others in Nerfs, while others are just changes. Some spells have also had their mana costs changed; some reducing it, others raising it. As well some spells mana cost are now dependent upon the character's level.

Last but not least many custom spells have been added to the game; for both vocational balancing as well as custom content. These new spells will be monitored closely and re-evaluated constantly if they are too powerful or too weak.

All spells and their mana costs can be found in spellbooks in-game.


Although vocations have undergone rebalancing with additions and modifications to what they're able to do and how well they're able to do it, it is nonetheless fundamental to understand that each vocation's inherent Class Type has not changed. In characteristic they are the same vocations. The following is not a complete list of spells and their changes but enough to give an idea of what these vocations have undergone.


Knights have three custom spells; one for low-levels, one for mid-levels, and one for high-levels. Knights have also had modifications to spells they currently have such as Exori and Challenge receiving great buffs. Lastly many quality of life spells for Knights have been buffed, for example now a knight can use Ultimate Light and others at a reduced Mana cost compared to the original game.


Paladins have received a great buff to their Powerbolt spell, it is now balanced and usable. Other spells as well have been modified, like Conjure Bolt and Burst Arrow. Paladin's have also received quality of life spell changes: Ultimate Light at reduced mana and others. Paladin's throwing stars have been buffed, now providing a unique use.


Sorcerers have two custom spells. They have had many spells modified including Fire Wave and Enchant Staff, both of which have received buffs. Low level mages also have more options now as the Spells they can buy at a low level are greatly buffed, Fire Field as an example.


Druids are now support powerhouses. They have one custom spell and many of their current spells have been greatly buffed; they're healing spells to start but also Poison Storm. Low level mages also have more options now as the Spells they can buy at a low level are greatly buffed, Fire Field as an example.