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Game Information

1) Game Systems and Features

  • 350+ Quests
  • 290+ Raids
  • 60+ Boss Raids
  • Legendary Item System
  • Overhauled Monster System - Multi-dimensional and Unpredictable
  • Dura Magic System - Rebalanced
  • Vocational Rebalancing
  • Dura Armor System - Rebalanced
  • Advancement System - More than one way to gain levels and skills
  • Endless New Areas and Spawns woven throughout Classic 7.2 RL Map
  • Updates with New Content every 3 Months.
  • Djinns and Rashid Items sellable on Main Continent
  • Map Playability - Over 5000+ Individaul Map Changes
  • Rune-Sustainability System
  • Rehashed Blessing and AoL System
  • World Shift System
  • World Events
  • Classic Rune System
  • New Ancient Rune System
  • Improved and Rebalanced PvP System
  • Custom Client
  • Additional left/right panels, WASD & much more in client
  • Anti-Bot and Anti-Hack protocols in Client
  • Bot & Macro Detection
  • Around the Clock GM Support
  • Free-To-Play
  • Experience Share in Party
  • Rebalanced Speed Formula
  • No Level Restrictions on Items or Spells
  • No Protection Zone on Boats & Carpets
  • Manual Aiming
  • No Hotkeys for Runes
  • Monsters can be lured anywhere
  • Stairhopping not abuseable in PvE
  • Possibility to make UH traps
  • Bank System

2) Realm's Aid

The Realm is under grave threat and immense danger, the Rulers of the Cities need your Aid!

Realm's Aid is a System which provides Supplies to a Player every day allowing him or her to defend the Realm. This System is designed to allow every Player to login each day and be able to hunt 60 minutes without feeling forced to Mana-Sit. Though rune-making will still be possible and very important it will not be absolutely necessary. Remember that on Dura there is no Multi-Clienting nor botting/macroing allowed and no Runes sold in in-game shops nor in our Non Pay-to-Win Webshop. So the only way to use runes is for Players to make them, Realm's Aid further facilitates this taking away the bulk of the tedium and boredom of necessary rune-making and yet you don't have to cheat.
To use Realm's Aid you must go to the Ruler of the City, for example the King in Thais. Speaking to him will grant you your supplies. To receive these supplies you must be level 20 and have a Premium Account. Only one character from each account can receive supplies a day; the supplies will always be the size of the highest level character on the account. This is to prevent abuse. Further Realm's Aid Runes are "Soulbound" meaning only your account's characters can use the Runes you receive. The amount of Runes you receive scales with your Level.

3) Death and Death Protection

Character's Base Death Loss is 10% for Experience, Skills, Magic Level, and Equipment Pieces; 100% Container. Promotion reduces Death Loss by 3% for Experience, Skills, Magic Level, and Equipment Pieces; 0% Container. 1 Blessing reduces Death Loss by 1% for Experience, Skills, and Magic Level; 1% for an Equipment Piece; 0% Container. Therefore with Promotion and 5 blessings one's character upon Death would lose 2% Experience, Skills, and Magic Level; 2% for Equipment Pieces; and 100% for Container.
There are two sets of Blessings: PvE Blessings and PvP Blessings. When one dies to a monster, that is the killing blow is from a monster, it counts as a PvE death; when a PvE death occurs only PvE blessings can protect one from loss and only those PvE blessings are lost due to the death, no PvP blessing counts as protection nor is removed upon a PvE death. It is the opposite if a PvP death should occur, that is the killing blow is by a player.You can own both types of blessings at the same time. PvP blessings are half the cost of PvE blessings. The price of a Blessing is dependent upon Level. Blessings are sold by the 5 Blessing NPCs.

Amulet of Loss' come in the form of different color-tiered amulets that each work for a different level cap or 'Tier'. Each color tier gives full ITEM and CONTAINER loss protection up to a certain level. After that level has been reached that Amulet will no longer provide ANY protection and one will have to use the next tier up for protection. If you are below the level cap of a given Amulet you receive FULL protection. If you are above the level cap of a given Amulet you receive ZERO protection. As AOL Tiers rise so does the price of them; the higher the Tier the more expensive. All are bought from Eremo. There are Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange tiers.

Skull and Punishment System

Skulls function as they did in Original 7.4 with a few minor exceptions and one major one. First of all, Red Skull punishment is scalable, instead of being a fixed time like 30 days, it's based on your level of activity as a Red Skull, aka how much you've been killing. To lose a Red Skull you must wait for your Unjustified Kills to reduce to 0 via an internal clock.

The major exception is the Punishment which normally leads to banishment, i.e. too many unjust frags in a given time frame. On Dura if you reach 'too many unjustified kills', where you would normally be banished, instead you will become an "Outlaw" before that -- which will last for 15 days, any activity as an outlaw doesn't affect your punishment. An 'Outlaw' carries with it three very important traits: First, one's base loss upon Death will not be 10% but 14%; promotion and blessings still apply for reducing experience and skills but not item or container, just as Red Skull. Secondly, upon Death an Outlaw will spawn not back in the Temple but in Outlaw Camp. Thirdly, an Outlaw can be recognized by a blood magic effect that triggers every other minute on the character.

Outlaw Protection At the moment one becomes an outlaw a three hour timer begins. In that three hour time-period if one dies the Outlaw penalty will not be applied, instead you will die with no extra penalty however you will spawn in Outlaw Camp still. After those three hours have expired the Outlaw protection dissipates and if one were to die at any point the full penalty is applied.

Red Skull When a Red Skulled Character's Unjustified Kills are reduced to 0 he will no longer will be a Red Skull.

Outlaw If a Player becomes an Outlaw he will remain an Outlaw for 15 days, at the end of which time he will be returned to a Non-Skulled Character with 0 frags.

Unjustified Kills till Red Skull: 3
Unjustified Kills till Outlaw: 6
Unjustified Kills till Banishment: 12
Unjustified Kill Reduction Duration: 53.3 hours

Break System

In the real world, and therefore in Dura as well, equipment does not last forever, it is not magically permanent, things rust break shatter deteriorate, and so it is with the world of Dura. Although in keeping with rewarding skill and punishing poor-play the mechanic rests on you dying.

Dura's Break System is very simple in concept. Per normal when a character dies the items he has equipped have a low chance to drop into his corpse. However on Dura there is a break chance layered on top of that: when a character dies the items he has equipped have an extremely low chance to break, meaning they disappear from the game entirely. They do not appear in the corpse nor do they remain equipped on the character. As an extra circumstance when a character dies Quest Items have a low chance of breaking, higher then a normal item breaking.

There are certain items that cannot break -- impossible for them to disappear. These items are almost always obtainable in only one way one time. Examples are Demon Armor, Demon Helmet, Stonecutters Axe, Magic Sword etc.

Note: Do not worry about items like Bright Sword or Dwarven Axe, these items are acquirable in in the game through more than just Quests.

Legendary Items work on a different system entirely. They have both a high chance to break or to drop into the corpse but they cannot remain on the character. No AOL or blessings can prevent them from breaking or dropping.

4) Vocational Info

On Dura we have striven for Balance. We encourage you to play the vocation that you find most enjoyable to your style; the one you like in concept most. All vocations remain distinct, each with their own strengths and weaknesses yet due to our reworking they are now balanced. At every level each vocation has purpose and presence.

All Mana regeneration is 7.4 original. Knights and Elite Knights have a 200% HP-regeneration buff. No-vocation (rookgaard) also has a 200% HP-regeneration buff. All other vocations have HP-regeneration increases but less so.

Weapons above 17 attack are not purchasable on Dura from NPCs. You must loot them or find them from quests, or buy them from Players.

Life rings and Rings of healing are 7.4 original in their regeneration stats. However they are much cheaper as they are purchasable from Edron and one Free Account City for 650 gold and 1500 gold respectively. Life Fluids are also cheaper.

Keep in mind this does not unfairly benefit Mages because Paladins and Knights are able to make HMMS and GFBs on Dura.

For more about Vocational Balancing see here

5) Sharing Experience

Click on a fellow player to invite them or accept their invitation to a party. Once you are in a party to turn ON or OFF shared experience do the following: if you are the leader of the party click on yourself and click the 'Enable Shared Experience' option. This can be done at any time including in battle. Allow up to 30 seconds for shared experience to take effect. The requirements for shared experience are:

  • The lowest level in the party must have '2/3 level' of the highest level in the party.
  • Be within 2 floors of each other.
  • Be within 30 square meters of each other.

  • 6) Houses

    In Dura you may own as many houses as you like: 1, 2, 5, 10, or 100. Guild Halls are registered as Houses, meaning a Guild Hall is purchased and owned just like a house without any Guild-associated restrictions.

    Further any houses or Guild Halls that are not currently owned are able to be entered by all players, including the ability that all players are able to open their doors and use their beds. It is also possible that a Player can attack and be attacked by other Players and Monsters inside these houses.

    Purchase prices and rent prices will go up or down relative to the active player base of the Game-World.

    7) Server Save

    A Global Server Save happens once every day at 11:00 EST/EDT. This Server Save lasts from 2 to 3 minutes. On patch and update days the Server Save could take longer.

    Game Notes

    Choose your first city wisely, boats and carpets are MUCH MORE expensive.

    In Dura weapons above 17 Attack are NOT buyable from shop-npcs. These include Battle Hammer, Battle Axe, Two Handed Sword, Clerical Mace, Barbarian Axe, Bow, Crossbow, and ALL others. You have to loot them from monsters or from a Quest. Consider this carefully before choosing your Vocation.

    Remember! As in 7.4 to use a Rope the Rope-Spot must be free of all players, monsters, items, and corpses.

    Fluids are usable on others as well as yourself.

    The Djinn NPC's and Rashid have been relocated to free-account areas and require nothing to access their shops.

    Boat-Locking is not abuseable, that is holding a Boat NPC by talking to him. Boat-Hopping is not abuseable. There is no "Bring me to XXXXX city".