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Dura is not a typical 7.4 server. It is important to us that we make this abundantly clear from the beginning. We believe the changes we have made to the game are vast improvements greatly enriching the world and experiences in it. However, without being aware of these changes and improvements they could instead become frustrations.

New Meta

It feels like the original game, plays like original game, and it was designed in the original 7.4 spirit. The mechanics as well are 7.4. Every monster, city, spell, and everything else looks and feels like 7.4. But it stops there, because layered over and under all of that are enormous endless differences. Monsters and spawns are far harder and more deadly. Spells have been rebalanced, and new ones added. The entire map is fraught with traps, surprises, and ambushes; something like 5,000+ individual map changes. New systems of Raid, Boss, Legendary Item, World Shifts and World Changes, PvP, Risk/Reward, Armor, Ancient Runes, Spells, Houses, and so much more. Alone there are over 350 plus added quests and mini-quests. Rebalancing of Loot Tables, new Areas and Spawns, Vocational Balancing, and on and on and on.

Minor Changes

And those are only Major Systems. Countless little adjustments and changes, literally over thousands and thousands, like adjustment of Boat Prices or the addition of multicolored Light Wands, cheaper Life Fluids, how you get six small sapphires instead of two small sapphires from a quest, how Knights and Paladins can use Ultimate Light and its mana cost is lowered, that Exiva has a 20 second cool-down, that there is a secret tunnel under 'blank' city, or how Trees are cut down with axes, or that Dragon Necklaces and Might Rings don't lose charges when you walk over a Fire Field. Dura is different. Dura was made to offer players what they felt when they first played: something new, fun, and exciting.

Dura Is Hard

We're telling you this because Dura is hard. 'Death is around every corner' is not a phrase of atmosphere but a reality. The game was designed to challenge you, surprise you, and have you constantly guessing what you should do next and how to conquer what is before you. All in the goal of being fun again. Therefore be on your guard.

Good luck.