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Happy Easter!
by GOD Aris
GOD Aris
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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We have quite a fun weekend planned for Dura. Cutting right to the chase here is what you can expect:

Wabbit Season!

You know how those furry cuddly wuddly fuzzy wuzzy little creatures can mate mate mate and duplicate. Well get ready for Rabbits galore across the forests and towns of Dura; (whispering) and they just might have some goodies better than carrots inside. And there just might be a prize for the person who kills the most wabbits this season.

Easter Egg Hunt anyone? Or maybe Easter Egg Riddle Hunt?

Get ready for games, fun, and events the whole weekend as Gamemasters and Community Managers will have impromptu moment to moment fun for everyone. Prizes of all shapes and sizes for puzzles of all flavors and wises.

And wait a minute.. what about the Easter Bunny?

I've heard of him before I swear. Well he just might pop in, and he might hop around the land without end and he just might be a bit bigger than you expected. I wonder what he carries with him as he hops down the bunny trail?


When does this all start?

Server save Friday EST to Server save Monday EST.


Can't Wait,
Dura Staff

01.04.21 17:15:08

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