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Rule 6.4 Power Abuse - Examples & Precedents

Typically during a War, two groups will essentially try to "hunt" each other "off the server".
If a player decides they no longer want to participate in the war (during or after the war "ends") they have the right under rule 6.4 to request a payout in order to become neutral again, rather than be forced to quit the game forever.
The maximum payout that can be demanded is defined by the formula contained within rule 6.4.
Once a payout has been made, the player is then neutral and the protections of rule 6.4 would then apply.
If an individual or group with the capacity to entirely prevent the player from playing the game - from the team that was paid (or their associates) - decided not to respect the neutrality of the player and continued to entirely prevent the player from playing the game, they would be breaking rule 6.4.

If a player has a conflict with multiple entirely separate individual players or groups, that have the capacity and intent to prevent the player from entirely playing the game, the player would need to request a payout from each separate group or individual.

Relevant Backstory:
- Player was part of a team - "Team A" - fighting against another team - "Team B"
- Player decided he'd had enough and requested a payout from Team B
- A payout of 400k + 1 death was offered (Deaths can form part or whole payment by mutual agreement only)
- Player paid the 400k
- Team B decided, without consulting Player, that his death would be a large public execution spectacle
- Player refused to go through with the Death under those conditions
- Team B decided to continue hunting Player off the server for failure to comply with their terms and refused to return the 400k

The Ruling:
- Note that the formula for maximum payout value had not yet been released at this time
- The situation was deemed unreasonable - Team B and allies were directed to reach a resolution with Player otherwise staff would intervene
- Team B and Player organised to complete the original payment - Player received his death and was granted his freedom